Regain Your Independence

We can forget how valuable our freedom is until we are struggling to reclaim it.

We can lose sight of what is truly important to us when lost in the throes of addiction. Our families, friends, careers and independence can all suffer terribly before finally beginning the recovery process.

We here at Freedom Machines NY understand how difficult it can be to begin this journey. We want to help anyone who is dedicated to recovering from their addiction to drugs or alcohol by providing the freedom of transportation.


We are committed to the belief that someone who is working to better themselves deserves a little help and support from their community.

That’s why we provide refurbished bicycles to those in the recovery process at absolutely no cost to the individual. We have bikes for people of every shape and size, and can offer one per person after 90 days of sobriety.

The application process is simple too. We only ask that potential participants fill out a single form. We want to make sure these bikes get to the people who need them the most with as few roadblocks as possible.

All we ask is that the bike is passed along to someone who needs it once the recipient no longer does, or returned to Freedom Machines NY so we can provide it to someone else in recovery.

If you’ve been in the recovery process for at least 90 days and are interested in receiving a free bike, please fill out the application above. Rebuild your life. Reclaim your future. Regain your independence.

These chains will set you free.


Click here to apply for your own refurbished bike.

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