5 Benefits of a Sober Life

Beginning on the road to recovery is never an easy process. Thankfully there are a list of agencies, support groups and not-for-profits (such as this one) that are happy to help you along this journey!

The best thing you can do is take things one day at a time and remember that sober living has its benefits!

1: You’ll feel better about yourself

There’s nothing like kicking a habit that you know is killing you. You made a decision to improve yourself and you’re sticking with it. Every day that you say no to your old ways and continue to rebuild your new life is a day you should be proud of yourself. It takes determination. This new sense of accomplishment is well earned!

2: Your relationships will improve

Loved ones often bear the weight of a person’s addiction, feeling helpless or angry as they watch the addict continue to sink. Once the recovery process begins though, so can the healing process in these relationships. Children seem to benefit the most once a parent chooses a sober lifestyle. Though it might take some time to rebuild damaged relationships with family members and friends, you’ll often find it is well worth the effort.

3: You’ll be healthier (and might even lose weight)

It’s hard to imagine sometime the amount of damage you can do to your body through long term drug and alcohol abuse. Luckily, our bodies are capable of healing themselves with the proper care. You’ll start to notice an improvement in your skin. You’ll start sleeping better, which means you’ll have more energy. Your memory will improve. And yes, once you cut out all those empty calories from your diet (they call it a beer belly for a reason) you may find yourself shedding some extra pounds!

4: You’ll have more money in your pocket

Drug and alcohol habits can be very expensive. Once you stop spending money on the things that were killing you, you’ll find you might have a little extra cash to do the things that make life fun! Dinner out is a lot cheaper when you’re not buying several glasses of wine. It’s much easier to save money when you’re not handing it over to your dealer every week. You can use all that extra cash to enjoy doing the things you love (sushi anyone?)

5: You’ll feel smarter

Seriously. Every time you take a drink or snort a powder or inject a drug, you damage brain cells. Now that you’re clear-headed, you’ll find it a lot easier to recall information, remember someone’s name, or even find your keys! You’ll find that people have a great deal of resect for someone that is going through the recovery process as well. Seems like sobriety is a pretty smart idea!


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