3 Reminders While Overcoming Addiction

Moving past our addictions is one of the most difficult thing some of us will ever accomplish. Overcoming something that was such a huge part of our lives is never easy, but with strength, dedication and support, we can find a way to get through it; one day at a time.

Here are three things to remember as you begin this process.

1) There’s a reason you’re doing this.

Usually there is something that pushes us to give up drugs or alcohol. Maybe we got into some sort of legal trouble. Maybe a loved one had enough and walked out. Maybe we have kids who are depending on us to sober up.

Whatever the reason, there was something that drove you to quit. Remember that reason whenever you’re feeling tempted. Let it motivate you to make a better choices, and keep moving forward towards a healthier, happier life.

2) You’re going to feel better.

The symptoms of withdrawal can be devastating. Once the physical ones subside, we’re then faced with the mental withdrawal symptoms like depression or anxiety, the boredom, and the uncertainty about what to do with ourselves now that we’re not drunk or high. It’s very common for people in recovery to suffer from nightmares too.

But these symptoms can subside or be treated with professional help. The support of family, friends, and organized groups can also really help you through this process. If you stay dedicated to your recovery process, you will feel better in time.

3) You’re stronger than you know.

The hardest step is admitting you have a problem in the first place. You can’t do anything about it until then. Now that you know what’s holding you back, you can move forward. Use the tools in your arsenal, and remind yourself that you’ve already taken the hardest step; you’ve admitted you wanted to be free of your addiction and live a sober life.

Don’t give up on yourself. You’re worth it, and you knew that the moment you decided to quit letting your addictions rule your life.


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