What Cycling Does for Your Health

There’s no doubt that any physical activity is generally good for you; but cycling carries a long list of benefits that are sure to leave you feeling great.

Experts say that regularly getting on a bike can help:

  • Improve cardiovascular fitness.
  • Improve mobility.
  • Build muscle strength and increase flexibility.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Make bones stronger.
  • Burn fat.
  • Improve your posture and coordination.
  • Manage or even prevent certain diseases.
  • Reduce anxiety and depression.

You only have to ride your bike for about two to four hours a week to see the benefits. It’s a great option for almost anyone too, because:

  • Cycling is considered a low impact exercise; causing fewer injuries than most other types of exercise.
  • It will give you good workout. That’s because you use all of you major muscle groups when you pedal.
  • It’s easy! Cycling doesn’t really require a high level of skill. Most people are able to learn how to ride one, and once you do, well, you know the old saying.
  • It will build your strength and stamina. No more getting winded going up the stairs!
  • You can make it as intense as you want. It’s easy to start off slow and build intensity, eventually becoming a demanding workout.
  • It’s fun! Seriously, we’re not pulling your leg. It’s quite a thrill to coast down hills and riding along with your friends. Plus it’ easy to do almost anywhere. All you need is access to a safe road. And studies show that there a ton of health benefits that come with having a good time.

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